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Covered or not Covered

Two guys racing their cars down what appears to be an empty street in Salem Oregon…Crazy, right? After a five second joy ride both vehicles motors seize up due to a lack of oil and the cars come to a rest at the side of the road. Car #1 catches fire in the engine compartment […]

Bird poop ruined my paint job! Covered or not covered?

After parking under a tree in the hot afternoon sun of the Tri-Cities one of our insured’s at Joe Peterson Insurance notices a bird has had a few too many cherries and has left that reminder (bird poop) on the hood of his car. Since our client was heading out on a business trip later […]

Why do my auto insurance rates continue to go up?

What is the #1 question Joe Peterson Insurance gets asked? Why do my auto insurance rates continue to go up? The Answer Frequency: People are causing more accidents than ever before! Actuaries and insurance professionals deal with two terms on a very regular basis (frequency and severity) and it turns out the trend for both […]