On the Road With Joe Peterson

Recently Joe Peterson was invited to join a crew of PEMCO Insurance executives in Eastern Virginia for a tour of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). He took some great photos during his trip. This one has to be our favorite! Watch for more pictures and videos on our Facebook page and look for the full story in next month’s JPI Insider!


PEMCO Insurance wins J.D. Power Award for the sixth year in a row.You can read more about that by clicking here.

Don’t Get Surprised by Winter Water Damage
Did you know one of the most common insurance claims made by homeowners iswater damage? Winter months bring freezing temperatures and frozen pipes. And undetected leaks can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage.

We suggest homeowners inspect pipes and, particularly in colder parts of thecountry, insulate to prevent them from potentially freezing and bursting. Here’s another tip from one of our agents: Always hire a house sitter when you’re going to be away. They may catch a problem BEFORE it becomes too big and prevent you from coming home to an unpleasant surprise.
Another option is using leak detectors where leaks may go undetected. Learn more here. We think these are so nifty, we’d like to give you one! Stop by our office in November and get yours while supplies last.

JPI Relies on Coffee & Your Referrals
If you know someone who could benefit from ourservices, please tell them about us. When you refer a friend to our office, we send you a $10 coffee card as our way of saying,


Joe on the road

“Thank you!” And, for every referral we receive through the end of 2018, we’ll donate $20 to homeless charities in the cities where we live and work. Thanks to our satisfied clients, we generated over $500 in October alone!