Bird poop ruined my paint job! Covered or not covered?

paint job ruined After parking under a tree in the hot afternoon sun of the Tri-Cities one of our insured’s at Joe Peterson Insurance notices a bird has had a few too many cherries and has left that reminder (bird poop) on the hood of his car. Since our client was heading out on a business trip later that day he was not able to get the car washed and when he returned the next week and did so he noticed a problem – the bird excrement had damaged the cars paint – Would this be “covered or not covered?”

As a follow up to our last “covered or not covered” about the window cleaning nightmare – That was a covered loss and the claim was paid by PEMCO Insurance back in 1998, my first year in the insurance business. Since the loss was sudden and accidental and was not listed on the “exclusions” page it was covered minus the deductible. See blog post “covered or not covered”