Covered or not covered?
(answer can win you two movie tickets out)

Years ago in my first year as an agent working for PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company, long before I started The Joe Peterson Insurance Agency in the Tri Cities I received a phone call from a policy holder. Over the weekend he had started a family project to clean the hard water spots off the downstairs windows of his new home they had purchased in the spring of that year. In doing so he assigned a different side of the home to each family member, handed them buckets of soap and an abrasive pad and put them to work. He then followed behind with a hose rinsing off each window. Once done they all noticed a problem – the pads that had been used were too abrasive and had scratched and clouded every window on the first floor of the home. The question I got was Mr. Peterson….”is this covered or not covered?” What would you say? Call or email your answer in by the end of the month and we’ll enter you to win a movie night out! / / 509-736-3599 WA 503-990-7148